Tuesday, May 6, 2014


So in school, my class has been researching stuff on the country of Australia on its ecosystem, culture, and food. I've learned a lot of stuff about Australia that I never knew. For Australia's ecosystem, the temperature there is mostly warm and when its night time here, it is day time over in Australia. I also learned that vegetarians in Australia cover 91 percent of the land. The culture in Australia is very interesting. Over 200 different languages and dialects are spoken in Australia. And the kangaroo is the symbol of Australia. Now, I don't know about you, but one day, I really want to eat some food from Australia. Like, did you know that some food is made of crocodile. They also sell some type of candy named Tim Tam. I hope you all like this interesting post. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

#Exciting News

Hello everybody, this is Smartypants. First, sorry that I have not put up post in a long, long time. Unfortunately, my computer broke. But it's working now, so I can post.  And the other exciting news is that... I'm going to start doing a screen cast of my favorite game, The Sims 3! I wanted to do this, because there is a girl on YouTube by the name, Lifesimmer. She is awesome at doing screen cast of the Sims 3.  I've learned a lot from her.  And I love playing the game. So on June 25th, I will be starting the screen cast on the Sims 3. But, I need help on which game of the Sims 3 to play to make a screen cast about. So which one, Generations, Seasons, Late Night, Pets, Island Paradise, University Life, Into the Future, Showtime, Supernatural,World Adventures, or Ambitions? Leave a comment to help me decide.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

My 3 fave dolls to play with are.....

Liv dolls, American Girl dolls, and Mini Lalaloopsy dolls! Out of all of the Liv dolls, my favorite is...Alexis! I like her look. I like her style.  She loves fashion and she likes to help the earth.  The Liv dolls stand at about 12 inches tall and they are fully articulated.  By "fully articulated" I mean that all of her joints can move.
My favorite set of American Girl dolls are The My American Girl. These dolls are not the Historical Characters dolls, so they don't come with a book. They stand at about 18 inches tall. 
Now, the Mini Lalalaoopsys are the smallest of them all! They stand at about 3 inches tall! WOW! My favorite Mini Lalalaoopsy is Bubble Smack 'N' Pop. It said that she was made from a stick of bubble gum and that her birthday is on February 3rd, Bubble Gum Day.  
So, I hope you liked this post.  Check out my next post where I give some tips about American Girl dolls. Smarty Pants, out!  Do a craft, sent it in, and I'll post it.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Here is what you need to know...

Hey, I am Smarty Pants.  You can call me S.P. for short.  This is my first post.  This blog is about ... I am always taking pictures and making crafts.  Sometimes even little things inspire you to make and design AWESOME things.  I can pull together you-nique outfits that make you SHINE

I love pizza.  My favorite colors are purple, green and blue.  My birthstone is topaz and I love crafting and dancing.

Welcome to my world!

Check out my favorite YouTube Channel - My Froggy Stuff - for making some awesome crafts.

Here is a project that I have completed:

Here is what my completed project looked like:

Do the project and send me your pictures and I will post them.