Sunday, May 4, 2014

#Exciting News

Hello everybody, this is Smartypants. First, sorry that I have not put up post in a long, long time. Unfortunately, my computer broke. But it's working now, so I can post.  And the other exciting news is that... I'm going to start doing a screen cast of my favorite game, The Sims 3! I wanted to do this, because there is a girl on YouTube by the name, Lifesimmer. She is awesome at doing screen cast of the Sims 3.  I've learned a lot from her.  And I love playing the game. So on June 25th, I will be starting the screen cast on the Sims 3. But, I need help on which game of the Sims 3 to play to make a screen cast about. So which one, Generations, Seasons, Late Night, Pets, Island Paradise, University Life, Into the Future, Showtime, Supernatural,World Adventures, or Ambitions? Leave a comment to help me decide.

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